A Gallery of Personal Visual Perceptions

Contributed by the Macular Degeneration Community


The following visual field photos were created from information submitted by the MD Community.



Subject: Dan Roberts.

Pictured: Left eye. Map of scotoma derived from computerized perimetry test, compliments of Nidek Technologies, Inc.

Condition: central serous chorioretinopathy. Right eye in early stages.




Subject: Colen Benfield.

Pictured: both eyes.

Condition: wet form, macular degeneration. Right eye in early stages with blind area and surrounding dimness covering most of lower left quadrant of VF Grid. No central vision in left eye except 1st column of grid. Vitrectomy surgery performed on right eye in late 1998.




Subject: Linda Olsen.

Pictured: left eye only.

Condition: Macular Degeneration




Subject: Barbara Brown.

Pictured: both eyes.

Condition: Macular Degeneration with bilateral drusen. Diagnosed at age 50 in 1996.



Subject: Jody Thomann.

Pictured: left eye.

Condition: Edema caused by early-stage dry macular degeneration.


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